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Position: PHP + PDF Expert Developer


KNN Digital Media is a global start-up - founded by 2 ex-Google managers - which

uses Media, Tech and machine learning to generate millions in Ecommerce sales for

third party companies and its own brands.

We are a small sized company with an internal development and marketing team.

We own several ecommerce health & beauty brands which require someone with

understanding of technology and proficiency in web technologies, as well as

advertising software.

Employees are spread worldwide thanks to our flexible culture and remote

working; however, we have open offices in Singapore, US and Spain.

Great working environment with flexible hours and remote working option from

home located at any place around the world.

Job description

PHP Developer, used to MVC frameworks ( any MVC, like Laravel, Symfony, Cake, Yii and so on

), and with deep knowledge about PDF files and formats.

We need a developer expert on PDF file edition and conversion libraries and tools, under Linux

( LAMP ) and Windows Server environments.

Preferably someone with experience in this field of web applications that works operating

transformations and editions over pdf files and other formats, like html, image formats, MS

Office formats ( Excel, PowerPoint, Word ), epub, etc.

The job consist of leading the project, extend and improve current implementation, improving

the tools at all levels ( usability, performance ), and work with the team in current tools and

developing new ones ( like OCR over PDF to editable formats ).




- PDF edition and transformations ( libraries )

- LAMP configurations ( libraries, permissions )

- Windows Server + IIS configurations ( libraries, permissions )

- Fluent English ( nice if also Spanish )

Nice to have:

Other languages knowledge ( front, back, server )

Experience with other file transformations with PHP, like image files transformations (

PSD -> JPG, RAW, etc ).


● Fast growing project founded by Ex-Googlers

● Friendly and supportive international environment

● High performance culture and learning opportunities

● Asynchronous work: you are responsible for your own time. Each month

you will be provided with a list of goals and objectives, and it’s on you to

get them done.

● You can begin your day from 7.30 to 10.30 am, finishing from 4.30 to

7.30 pm; and on Fridays we work with an intensive schedule from 7 to 8

am, finishing from 2 to 3pm

● 2 months in Summer from 8am to 3pm

● Competitive salary, medical and life insurance paid by the company, and

access to flexible compensation packages